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Individual Analysis of Communication Strategies

tasha-transcription’s analysis


My Mistakes, My Apology, My Thanks

last week, my laptop was not functioning. So, I have to send it to the ‘clinic’.

Because of that, all the domain that I have saved in the laptop were lost. Thank god, Dr. Zaini had give me extra time to finish it. She’s extend the due date for me.  My sincere thanks and heartfelt appreciation for your understanding and kindness. … thanks again for your thoughtfulness.

I want to apologize to Dr.Zaini and Dr.Zul for submitting this assignment late. Alhamdulillah, last Saturday my laptop has been repaired and I am able to continue posting in this wordpress. I’m sorry for late completing all the domain. I’m really really sorry. I should save all the copy in a thumbdrive  or anything else. It’s my bad.

sorry GIF

*I’m really SORRY and never do that again. I promise  that I’ll be more ALERT next time.

Forgive me.

For that, I want to thanks every person who help me in every aspect. I really appreciate it.

and ..

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FACEBOOK STALKER ?! muahahaha -evil laugh

assalamualaikum. brief..brief..brief. The first week in the starting semester will be the week for lecturer to brief  about every subject so do Bahasa dan Teknologi Maklumat (BTM). So, in this first class, Dr. Zul has brief about the given mark throughout this whole semester for this subject by the guide from proforma. He told that there are four project for this subject which is ;

1. WordPress (40)%

After he said that, I was like ..


 WORDPRESS?? WordPress is actually functioning like a blog where we have to express everything. Means, we have to write and in order to write we have to be good in WRITING which I am BAD at it.

But it is okay, I’ll try my best to write well in this wordpress as my principle of life ; keep the positive way of thinking ; be optimisticDo forgive me in every mistake that I’ve done and to be done because I’am still kids in writing so do my English. Okay, back to the game. The 40% carry marks will divide by two which is 20% for the usability of the wordpress and the remainder 20% is for the creativity. What are we suppose to post in the wordpress? We have to post about the FIVE domain which every domain is representing one personality. But, who is going to be the victims?? guess who ?? Surprisingly, they are from our FB friend list. You got to be kidding me ! FB? You mean FACEBOOK ? You mean like this !


Mostly, people nowadays are spending too much time in FB and I am definitely excited to have a assignment related to the most trending culture in the world. So, in order to find the person who fit in every domain, we have to be a STALKER. Don’t get it wrong, not a bad stalker but a GOOD stalker for a good intention.

teehee ^^.

these are the five domain :











So, lets STALKING.


*I’m NOT a stalker.


assamualaikum w.b.t , salam 1 ELS , salam 1 BTM , and salam sejahtera.
HYEHYE. welcoming newbies here. hehe now I know what WORDPRESS really is. thanks to Dr. Zaini and Dr. Zul for introducing me to this. later on, I’m going to share all the problems that I have been trough and what I have learned throughout this whole semester. check out my next post. see’ya ^^

Bye gif

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