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hey guys, now I’m going to present to you the SurveyMonkey.


For your information, SurveyMonkey enables users to create their own Web-based surveys. It is functioning to create and publish online surveys in minutes, and view results graphically and in real time. SurveyMonkey provides free online questionnaire.

I use this SurveyMonkey to do my own surveys to determine whether all the domain that matched with every respondent are true or not.

So, here are all the questions for the respondents:


I choose FB’s name  for the introductory question because it is easy for me to differentiate the respondents according to their domain.

Next, these are the question about personality that determine the respondents’ personality and to prove whether it fits with the domain or not.

Answers for all questions:

> all A‘s are required for the Openness to Experiences respondent.

> all B‘s are required for the Conscientiousness respondent.

> all C‘s are required for the Extroverts respondent.

> all D‘s are required for the Agreeableness respondent.

> all E‘s are required for the Neurotics respondent.









For question 9, there is a bit different in the style of the question being ask. This section respondent has to tick ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ according to the following sentence. I’ve mixed all the sentences by repeating the domain category in every 5 sentences.

For instance,

1st sentence: Openness to Experiences.

2nd sentence: Conscientiousness.

3rd sentence: Extroverts.

4th sentence: Agreeableness.

5th sentence: Neurotics.

*and it is repeating by 5 times.





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