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Assalamualaikum .. hyehye dear readers,  i believe u guys are wondering what is antconc ? and what is concordance ?


    Antconc, is actually a freeware concordance program for Windows, Macintosh OSX, and Linux.

It is a multiplatform tool for carrying out corpus linguistics research and data‐driven learning.

If u want to know every functioning tools in Antconc, check out this link :


where can you get  Antconc ?

                  click here : http://www.antlab.sci.waseda.ac.jp/software.html

What is concordance?

 Concordance , according to linguists concordance is a  form of cross-reference between different parts of a sentence or phrase.


Now, I’m going to show how to use antconc. Trust me, this tutorial is simple. Just follow all of these steps :


*make sure  you have download it. 🙂

Open the file antconc3.0.1.exe.                            


Click on “file, open.”


In this example, I have opened a corpus text file called “ihad.txt” by double clicking on the file. The file name appears in the left-hand window. *Corpus, is a long-text file that used in antconc to analyze it.

In my case, I was assigned to analyze the speech of Martin Luther King Jr.  entitled I Have a Dream. As pronounced to the march on Washington, DC, 28 August 1963. So, his speech is my corpus that will be used in antconc.

here are the links for his speech :

Part 1


Part 2



You may start your analysis on any items whether it’s Concordance, Concordance Plot, File View, Clusters, Collocates, Word List, and Keyword List.


After I choose the items,I keyed “enter” on my keyboard to build the concordance , word list or another items. (You can also click on “start.”)

THAT’S ALL. easy, isn’t? So now, lets work it out. ^^ HWAITING !!


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  1. is it effective sofware?

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