TASHA | A137348 | ELS | SKBP1023 : BAHASA DAN TEKNOLOGI MAKLUMAT | DR.ZAINI & DR.ZUL | this wordpress gonna be my boo <3

last week, my laptop was not functioning. So, I have to send it to the ‘clinic’.

Because of that, all the domain that I have saved in the laptop were lost. Thank god, Dr. Zaini had give me extra time to finish it. She’s extend the due date for me.  My sincere thanks and heartfelt appreciation for your understanding and kindness. … thanks again for your thoughtfulness.

I want to apologize to Dr.Zaini and Dr.Zul for submitting this assignment late. Alhamdulillah, last Saturday my laptop has been repaired and I am able to continue posting in this wordpress. I’m sorry for late completing all the domain. I’m really really sorry. I should save all the copy in a thumbdrive  or anything else. It’s my bad.

sorry GIF

*I’m really SORRY and never do that again. I promise  that I’ll be more ALERT next time.

Forgive me.

For that, I want to thanks every person who help me in every aspect. I really appreciate it.

and ..


Comments on: "My Mistakes, My Apology, My Thanks" (2)

  1. lisa noorazmi said:

    cute! 🙂

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